Who We Are.

Women Who Compute is a community for women pursuing careers in engineering and computer science at The University of Texas at Dallas. We aim to provide opportunities for mentorship, personal and professional development, and social bonding with women of paralleled interests in computing. Representing one of the largest women-advocating organizations on campus, Women Who Compute strives to:

Cultivate community.

Provide mentorship and support.

Encourage career exploration.

What We Provide.


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Companies we've worked with.

Interested in collaborating or sponsoring us? Email us at utdwwc@gmail.com!

Partner Organizations and Ladies In Tech (LIT).

To reach out to as many members as possible, Women Who Compute has partnered with Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) and Girls Who Code to represent their national chapters at UT Dallas. The LIT Mentoring Program is a collaboration between Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and WWC. The program serves to provide support and mentorship to female students in tech.